Bergen Pipe Supports has successfully extended their technological capabilities developed in advanced composites to create additional Bergatherm variants, which are suitable for many other critical applications.

Bergatherm Pipe Wrap

Is one such product range manufactured from specially formulated synthetic resins and supplied in thin cylindrical sections, moulded to the precise outer diameter specification of the pipe and can be simply bonded to the pipe surface at site.

These are typically supplied in arc lengths of 120, 180 and 240 Degrees in thickness varying from 4 to 8 mm. However, these can be further custom made and manufactured to the exact requirements of our Customers to achieve very specific requirements.

Bergatherm Wraps are used for electrical isolation, protection against abrasion and wear causing damage to protective coatings, which if damaged, can ultimately lead to galvanic corrosion. Such isolation wraps are used where the pipe needs to rest on either steel or concrete sleepers or beams.

Bergatherm Half-Round

Is an additional product offered by Bergen Pipe Supports to meet critical applications in industry. Advanced composite formulations ensure high strength with excellent capabilities for demanding exterior applications. The combination of material properties and cylindrical surface ensures a low coefficient of friction with most of the application surfaces.

With Precision machining processes, precise counter- sunk holes are provided as per assembly require- ments to ensure quick installation at site. Used in conjunction with pipes and lined U bolts, this product prevents moisture accumulation between the pipe and the resting surface, which is a leading cause of corrosion.

Product can be typically supplied in diameters up to 40mm in varying lengths, which again can be customised to meet Customer specifications and requirements.

Unique capability to provide insulation and isolation solutions in a variety of shapes and sizes

Bergen Pipe Supports has successfully delivered products with linear dimension ranging from 25mm to as large as 6000 mm, diameters up to 600 mm and Thickness up to 250 mm. Some of these products have individual weight going up to 350 Kg. This provides a good overview of the manufacturing flexibility which we provide to our customers.

We encourage you to get in touch with us with your requirements and we will be very happy to provide the most optimum solution for your needs.


Our manufacturing know-how enables us to achieve product sizes which will be very difficult to meet using commercial timber sizes. Above product was designed for Gasification Plant.

Typical illustration of Bergatherm applications in Piping Design